8 days – The Great Diskobay Dogsled Expedition 2022

In Dog sledge, Greenland, Winter by Casper

Not even Knud Rasmussen, who is one of the most famous Greenlandic explorers would be able to resist the temptation of joining this dog sled trip, which will give you a long line of great adventures in the Arctic nature in the northern parts of Greenland. The 8th day long journey starts and ends in the city of icebergs – Ilulissat, where we will sail amongst gigantic icebergs coming out from the icefjord, and do snowshoe hike with the view over the Diskobay. Then we go by helicopter to Qasigiannguit, which is situated at the bottom of the Diskobay.

Here our mushers will await for us with the dogsled team, ready to go on a 3-days dogsled adventure in the backcountry, all the way in to the Greenlandic icecap.

On the dogsled trip, we will stay the night in old hunter’s cabins, and hopefully be lucky to see and experience that beautiful northern light, which is especially bright out here in the wilderness due to no light-pollution.

This trip can be tailored, if you want more nights or destinations. Contact us for an offer.


  • 3-days dogsled trip
  • Northern light
  • Helicopter
  • Icefjord cruise
  • UNESCO-site
  • Snowshoe hike