In Greenland, Summer by Casper

On this tour you will experience real Arctic wilderness, which to this day is home to local Inuits, who still stay true to their traditions of hunting and fishing.

Here you will witness the contrasts between a vulnerable environment and its weatherhardened nature of ice and fiords, where it is hard not to be humbled by its magnificance. Southern Greenland offers a sea of icebergs and an awe inspiring variety of glaciers that solemnly floats out and into the fiords. Landscapes of intense green tundra and colorful settlements add character to the tour, which will inspire the most adventurous of our guests.

On our route we will navigate through a system of fiords surrounded by blue icebergs and spectacular glacier fronts emptying its overflow of ice into the waters. We will overnight in our camp right beside glaciers,  and walk up onto the glacier itself, and experience the nature of an inland glacier, with its crevasses and glacier tongues. We will hike through tundra and glacier valleys and spot herds of reindeer and marine fauna.

When nature permits we will fish for Salmon and Cod in the crystal clear waters or collect mushroom, crow -and cranberries.