In Greenland, Winter by Casper

On this trip, we have chosen the highlights from our different winter trips in Greenland and put them together to an ultimate 8 days trip!

This trip starts at the polar circle in Kangerlussuaq – the old American military base, where you have the opportunity to experience northern light, musk oxen, Arctic foxes and the ice cap. After a night in Kangerlussuaq you fly north to Ilulissat and the famous icefiord, Kangia. Here you will go on a boat tour to the icefiord and see the huge icebergs up close,  hike to the UNESCO-site, stay the night in an iglo, do a dog sledge tour, and hopefully see even more northern light.


  • Overnight in igloo
  • Dogsled
  • Northern lights
  • Experience the Greenland ice cap
  • Hike in the UNESCO area at the Ilulissat icefiord