Greenland presents five experiences not to be missed

Greenland presents five experiences not to be missed whether you visit during the summer or winter months: Authentic dog sled rides, uplifting magic of the northern lights, splendour of the ice sheet and Greenland’s fascinating whales. Above it all there’s the people of Greenland: pioneers; simultaneously ancient and modern. They look forward to welcoming you.

Big Arctic Five is Visit Greenlands vision about a more accessible Greenland where there is a focus on 5 special highlights:

  • Northern Light
  • Dog sledge
  • Whales
  • Ice bergs
  • Pioneer people

In all our trips we use these icons as a measure for what kind of highlights you can expect to experience. It is not on all of our tours or times of year you can expect to see all the Big Arctic Five.  In summer time it is for instance not possible to see Northern Lights and in winter it is rare to see whales.

Still, the icons can give you an idea about what to expect of experiences on your trip. In Greenland it is difficult to guarantee anything due the great influence of nature but if the icon is listed on a trip, it is very likely that you will experience the highlight.

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