In Greenland, Summer by Casper

This journey is a true Greenlandic adventure, with a lot of exiting and scenic Arctic experiences. On this journey you will experience the magnificent icebergs in Northern Greenland, towering up to 80 meters above sea level and the beautiful fjords, local settlements and green hills of South Greenland.

The journey begins in Ilulissat, where upon approach, you will get your first view of the icebergs. In Ilulissat you will experience the famous Kangia icefjord, the Sermermiut Valley, Knud Rasmussen’s birth home and much much more.

After spending some days in Northern Greenland, you board the local coastal ferry, where you will have time to digest all the exiting experiences from the previous days. The next couple of days, you follow the rugged and beautiful coastline to the south of Greenland and during the journey, the ship port in some of the coastal cities to offload and unload passengers. This exiting Arctic adventure ends with a mini roundtrip in the south of Greenland, where you visit Qaqortoq, the settlement and Narsarsuaq.

Feedback from customers:
We just got home after 13 amazing days in Greenland. We could not have planed the trip better ourselves. Everything went smooth and was ready when we arrived and we felt very welcome everywhere. The sun was shining 10 of the 13 days and we could not have asked for anything more.

“Thank you so much for a well planned trip
Yours truly, the Truelsen family”