One way of exploring the magnificent landscape and nature around Ilulissat is traveling the traditional way


One way of exploring the magnificent landscape and nature around Ilulissat is traveling the traditional way – by dog sledge. You will travel with experienced drivers who have been driving the sledges for years and still do, when going on long distances to fish in winter time or to visit family. The tours take you through the mountainous landscape and passes by traditional fishing huts and settlements. In case you choose a longer dog sledge trip you will spend the night in the cabins still used by hunters and fishermen.

The dogs plays a fundamental role in the Greenland culture and arrived together with the some of first inuits to settle in Greenland several thousand years ago. The Greenland dog is also considered one of the oldest dog breeds in the world.

Trips depend on your preferences and time available. We can arrange from 2 hours and up to a 10 day expedition to the glacier of Eqi Sermia 100 km north of Ilulissat.

Prices below are based on one person per sledge (can vary a little depending on mushers)

Price 3 hours:  DKK 1.895 (1 pax per sled)
Price 3 hours:  DKK 2.750 (2 pax per sled – i.e. DKK 1375,- per person)
Price 5 hours: DKK 2.195,- incl. hot drinks
Price 2 Days: DKK 6.950,- incl. food, accommodation & sleeping gear

Period: Jan – April
Duration: 2 hours – several days

You will be picked up by a small bus at the hotel and driven to the dog sledges stands, from where the tour departs. The dogs are very eager to get going, and can’t wait; this is what they love the most. We will leave town and go where ever weather permits.

Depending on the weather situation, it get’s cold while being out on the sledge, so remember to bring warm clothes. You can rent traditional sealskin garments, which are very warm and made for this climate. (Rental for a sealskin set is 48 euro per day).

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During winter when the area is white snow covered landscape it can be difficult to explore the unique UNESCO world heritage National Park at Ilulissat. In winter time the trail markings are often hidden on under the snow on the longer trails. However, a local guide and snowshoes, make it a lot easier.

No previous experience is required, and everybody can learn how to move safety into the winter terrain with the snowshoes. The tour follows the yellow trail from the power plant around the point. During the walk, there is time to enjoy the panorama view of the Sermermiut valley, the icebergs and the Disko bay. The walk ends at the old heliport.

Duration: 2 hours
Min. participants: 1
Season: 1. Jan – 30. Apr.
Price: DKK 750,-

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This longer tour follows the trail along the icefiord, also known as the blue trail. It starts from the Quarry passing through a dramatic cleft. After 1 hour ascending between walls covered with snow and thick ice, we reach a view point from where we can enjoy the panorama view of the “dog sledge highway”. After a small break to refresh and take some pictures, we will descent to the frozen lake and the path downhill to the river bank to put our feet in the world famous fjord Kangia and its 20 million tons of ice flowing out each day which results in gigantic icebergs who rise more than 100 meters into the air.

From that point we will follow all the rocky coast of the Icefjord, passing by Holms Bakke. On 13th of January, the inhabitants of Ilulissat meet on Holms Bakke, to celebrate the sun appearing on the horizon after 6 weeks of absence. You will never forget the view of the breathtaking Icefjord from this spot.

Depending on the conditions, we will eat our lunch at this amazing view point. After the break we will continue the walk along the coast line to visit the dramatic Nakkaavik, the cliff where, in past times of famine, the women killed themselves with their children by jumping to the water.

Finally our walk will stop at the abandoned settlement Sermermiut where for the last 4.000 years several different Inuit cultures have lived and left interesting remains. After a full day out in the beautiful nature we return the last kilometer of the trail to reach the old heliport at Ilulissat.

Duration: 5 hours
Min. participants: 1
Season: 1. Jan – 30. Apr.
Price: DKK 1.000,-

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This is by far the most popular flight, and it is easy to understand why: The great glacier Sermeq Kujalleq / Jacobshavn Glacier is an astonishing sight. With a glacier front of up to 200 meters of ice, this glacier is the fastest producing glacier in the northern hemisphere and a sight you should not miss when you visit Ilulissat. The flight takes you across the hills and mountains east of Ilulissat and over the Inland Ice. We fly across the glacier front – as low as safety permits in order to give you a unique view of this amazing sight.
On our way back we fly low over the ice of the Kangia Fjord and circle around the majestic icebergs resting just south of Ilulissat.

The plane is of type P68 or the full name Partenavia. It is a 2-engine piston aircraft with high wing construction gives a fantastic view. At each of the five seats there is a large window. The plane is 12 meters in span length and 10 meters long.

The maximum weight allowed for 5 passengers is 379 kg, thus, it is very important that you write the weight of all participants at the end of this order. Furthermore, World of Greenland do reserve the right to move passengers from one flight to another.

–       Transfer from Center to the airport and back
–       Approximately 60 minutes flying time.

Duration: 1 hour
Min. participants: 5
Season: All year
Price: DKK 2650,- (€ 360)
Note: Private chartered tour can be arranged!

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On this tour you get to discover the outer scenery of the unique Ilulissat Icefjord and the UNESCO heritage National Park with the scenery of floating ice bergs in the sea.

–       Transfer from Center to the airport and back
–       Approximately 35 minutes flying time.

Duration: 35 min.
Min. participants: 5
Season: All year
Price: DKK 1795,- (€ 243)
Note: Private chartered tour can be arranged!

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The boat tour to Ilimanaq is an opportunity to visit an old and almost untouched Inuit settlement and, at the same time, sail among the massive icebergs that lay at the mouth of the Ilulissat icefjord.
The boat leaves Ilulissat harbour at 10 am with direction Ilimanaq. Before reaching the village the boat will cross the famous Ilulissat Icefjord with it´s massive icebergs. In Ilimanaq you will have a couple of hours where you can visit the village in particular the little church that was built in 1904.

In Ilimanaq is possible to arrange lunch at a local Greenlandic family. The family will cook the traditional Greenlandic dish called Suasast – a soup with rice, vegetables and meat (usually seal) or fish. During lunch Regine will tell you stories and fact about the village the way it was and the way it is.

On request we can also arrange with Regine a traditional caffe-mik – a greenlandic buffet based of dry and smoked fish and seal, cakes and biscuits and, of course, coffee. At 2pm the boat will sail back to Ilulissat crossing the icefjord again. Arrival in Ilulissat is around 4pm.

Duration: 5 Hours
Participants: Min 3 – Max 12
Period: All year around
Price: DKK 1.300,-

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Please contact us, if you have any special requests. Most things are possible. We have been acting Polar Bear watch guard for BBC productions, and have arranged snow mobile expeditions to the ice cap, so do not hessitate contacting us.