Luxury / private 

Since 2001 we have been specialised in VIP travels and luxury adventures to the arctic – Greenland in particular!

Are you looking for an exceptional journey, tailormade and exclusively for you?

We take great pride in facilitating small groups and families looking for private arrangements in Greenland. Offering private guide service in Greenland we can tailormade you luxury trip or VIP tour around to Greenland in private charter boats and/or private flights.

We offer these private tours for individual travellers or groups looking for the very best available.

We always strive to personally be pressent to ensure smooth execution and high level of service.

Please feel free to give us a call or write us an email, and we would be happy to give you an offer on your next tour.

The arctic offers a unique setting for group and company tours – here you’ll explore things, that most people never will experience. It might seem like a long and expensive journey, but Greenland is only a 4 hour flight from Copenhagen, and can easily be accessed on a long weekend.

We love the Arctic, and when travelling with Arctic Friend you will experience passion, competence and a professional team from start to finish.

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