Travelling by dog sledge in Greenland is an experience everyone should be able to make


“Give me snow, give me dogs! Then you can keep the rest”.
– Quote by Knud Rasmussen

Travelling by dog sledge in Greenland is an experience everyone should be able to make. To get the most out of this experience with vast magnificent nature and beautiful dogs, we have some small pieces of advice.These mostly apply for the longer trips of more than 2 hours but can be fun to read anyway to give you an impression of what to expect from a dog sledge trip for several days.

There is a difference in the difficulty level for trips lasting 2 hours on the sea ice and the trips lasting up to several days in the mountain terrain. However, some of the principles are the same.

In Greenland a practical approach to everyday living is part of the traditional culture. Dog sledge is still used to a large extent for hunting and fishing, for transport of fish on the ice and for visits in neighbouring towns or settlements. Driving on dog sledge is something the local Greenlandic family enjoys, and often goes on trips for the pleasure of experiencing nature this traditional way, for instance as a Sunday excursion. In spring time dog sledge races are popular and organised in different categories: professionals (fishermen and hunters), amateurs (hobby time), women, children, etc. who everybody enjoys – each year.

If you have chosen a longer dog sledge trip with overnight stays along the way, you will experience how much the dog sledge driver enjoys the trip just as much as yourself. You might even experience that the driver starts to hunt a seal if it is showing up close to the sledge.

Tours with dog sledge activities