In Greenland, Summer by marinus

Our bestselling tour in winter, has now been made available in summer! On this tour the dog sledding, which is somewhat more difficult in the summer months, has been changed to a wonderful boat voyage to the calving glacier EQI. Everything has been arranged and selected to give you the best of the Arctic in seven days!

At the Polar Circle in Greenland lies the old American Base “Søndre Strømfjord”. Today the base has been handed over to the Greenlandish people, and is called Kangerlussuaq, which also gives name to the system of fiords that lies just a few miles outside of town.

The area around the base has magnificent wild arctic wilderness, with the Ice Cap only about 30 miles away. With its more than 10.000 Musk oxes roaming about freely, this is one of the best spots in Greenland to watch wildlife. Raindeer, polar fox and hare are also commonly seen.

Experience Ilulissat (Jacobshavn) with its 100m high icebergs, calving glaciers and the spectacular town right next to the UNESCO protected Kangia Icefiord. Here you will find that the old hunter lifestyle still lives on. In Ilulissat you will stay in the newly renovated Hotel Hvide Falk (White Falcon), and have five amazing days, you hardly will forget. Here you will find plenty of excursions.