10 days – Greenland hiking: tundra, ice cap and Disko Bay

In Greenland, Hiking, Summer by Philip

Hiking with a guide in Greenland is a unique opportunity to experience the desolated Greenlandic nature, where you get the feeling of being the only one around. On the different hikes in Kangerlussuaq and in the Disko Bay region, we will walk on paths, where you will find very few other people. This will increase the possibility of seeing wild life like mosk ox, reindeer and the arctic fox. We have off course also included the highlights of the Disko Bay in our programme: whale watching, hiking along the icefjord, visit a settlement and hike on the Greenlandic ice cap.


  • Full day hiking on the ice cap
  • Tundra hike looking for Musk Oxen
  • Overnight at the settlement, Oqaatsut
  • Hiking in the UNESCO area
  • Ilulissat Icefjord Cruise