1. Enrollment
Enrollment for a trip is binding on both the customer and travel agent when deposit is paid. Customer’s payment is at the same time the acceptance of Culture Adventure and Arctic Friend’s terms and conditions of the arrangement.
Note: In order to guarantee the trip it is important that we receive the payment in time.

2. Payment
At the time of  registration a deposit of approx. 25 % is paid of the total travel cost – however, minimum €400 per person. Some tours have particularly tight payment and cancellation terms. If this is the case with your booking it will evident from the invoice.

The balance must be received by us no later than 60 days before departure, or as stated in the invoice.

Travel documents will normally be sent so that you have them no later than 14 days prior to departure. In case the deadline for payment is exceeded, the booking will be considered cancelled.

Deposit Greenland:
When receiving a booking for a trip to Greenland the travel agent will charge a significant higher deposit reflecting the non-refundable products (such as flight, boats and some accommodation types). Since most of the products are individually tailor made tours and not group reservation with hotels, flights, ships, etc. it is required that we issue flight and boat tickets right away, and thus, a higher deposit. These details will be apparent from the invoice.

3. Changes
In case the option of making changes in your travel plan is not shown in the invoice, it is not possible to make changes in your itinerary. However, we will strive to address concerns and assist you on possibilities within the limits of the reservation. Changes will usually result in a change fee.

4. Cancellation
If other provisions are not listed on the invoice, the following rules will apply. We point out that for certain tour packages exceptional costs can be associated. Upon cancellation of trips up to 60 days before departure, the deposit will be lost. If cancellation occurs later than 60 days prior to the departure date, the full price is lost.

If within a period of 14 days before departure acts of war, natural disasters, deadly infectious diseases and other assimilated events occurs, the trip can be canceled free of charge. However, it will need to be a condition that the Danish authorities (Ministry of Foreign Affairs For example, health authorities or other public authorities) directly advises against traveling to that area and that the events occurred after the booking.

5. Cancellation insurance in case of sickness
Arctic Friend/Culture Adventure higly recommends its customers to infer with their insurance company to arrange they be covered in situations when sickness or death prevent the customer to travel.

6. Non-appearance, unused services etc.
If a customer fails to appear or fails to use an ordered arrangement, there will due to contractual issues normally be no refunds.

7. Passports, visas, vaccinations
It will always be the responsibility of the customer to have obtained a visa before departure when such is required at the destination being visited and to provide the Bureau with the correct name and nationality. It is also the responsibility of the customer to update the visa in case the customer wish to change the travel itinerary (including travel length). Customers should also be aware that the formalities can be changed between booking and departure time.

NB: There are also often visa requirements for transit. The passport must be valid at least 6 months after your return from your destination. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform the Bureau if the customer is not a Danish citizen, or have dual nationality.

The Bureau advice customers to always consult with their embassy or consulate concerning visa, and with their doctor regarding vaccinations.  If customers fail to prepare and bring the correct vaccination, visa or travel documents, Arctic Friend/Culture Adventure holds no responsibility for the consequences of such neglect.

Names in the passport must be in accordance with the names in the travel and visa documents. It is the traveler’s responsibility to check the consistency. In case of discrepancy, the traveler risk getting rejected applications for visas.

We do note that the processing time for visa for certain countries (eg many countries in West and Central Africa and other less visited places) may be many weeks. If the visa applications are processed through the bureau, one must expect a handling fee. The agency assumes no responsibility for clients who for some unknown reason becomes rejected at the border. Some countries require appropriate currency possession and valid return ticket on arrival.

8. Itinerary – Participant certificate
Contains a travel plan (possibly as additional annexes) with current departure times (local times) and a plan that includes all the services you have ordered at the destination, unless this appears from agency brochures. The travel plan includes the following: Hotel, pension, transportation, car rental, excursions etc. This service will usually also be printed on a travel document (voucher) that must be brought to the hotel or our representative. If you participate in a tour with a guide or on a fixed program arrangement, you will usually NOT receive a voucher prior to your travel.

9. Transfer of booking
Under certain circumstances, one’s travel is transferable to family or friends for a fee. The fee depends on the character of the tour. The Bureau accepts no resale of already paid for travel bookings.

10. Price changes
According to legislation, the organizer can increase the agreed price as a result of rising transport costs (including fuel prices), changed the taxes, charges and fees and exchange rate changes. Unfortunately, it often occurs that sudden price increases happens as a result of fuel surcharges, increased taxes and security charges. These additional costs may exceed to several hundred Euro on many overseas trips. For group tours sold in Euros, price increases will take place on the following principles:

When changes in air fares, all duties and taxes with the exact amount if this exceeds €15. Currency changes of more than + 5% – or 10% compared to the listed price when published. Any price changes will only include the costs of the relevant currency and not the entire package price.

It should be noted that we continuously update our price lists and that a trip will always be sold at the current price, even though you are in possession of an outdated price list. It may therefore happen that a trip is sold at different prices, because we rarely let price increases influence the travel ordered earlier. General price reductions for example as a result of exceptional fall in prices of flights will benefit all clients, regardless of when the trip is booked or paid

Example of calculation for price changes:
Price of the trip: €1500.
Increase in airport taxes / fuel: €50
Rejsens new price total: €1550

If the adjusted price exceeds 10% of the total price the customer is entitled to cancel the purchase. In case there are less than 20 days prior to departure, no price adjustments can be made.

Arctic Friend/Culture Adventure reserves the right to adjust prices if the cost of fuel rises by over 10% within the contract period.

11. Cancellation
If too few have signed up for a package trip, it may be canceled up to 14 days before departure. The minimum number for a group travel will always be in writing when ordering. The journey can also be canceled because of external circumstances as agency and its partners has no influence or been able to foresee (Force Majeure like conditions). If the above were to occur, the agency always try to offer a real alternative.

12. Travel  insurance
Arctic Friend/Culture Adventure highly recommends the customer to have travel and accident insurance issued from your country of residency.  The traveler is responsible for the costs of illness, hospitalization, repatriation, etc., so could be a high cost if no insurance is issued. There are customized travel insurances to be found, which covers almost every need.

NB. All tours to East Greenland requires that customers are covered by a travel insurance that covers delayed arrival or no show.

13. Taxes & Fees
A number of taxes and fees are charged for ticket issuance, and is thus included in the price. Some local taxes can not be charged in advance and must be paid on the destination. It is often airport taxes and some national parks fees. These fees will usually be stated in your travel documents for your information. However, we must point out that the charges may change between the ordering date and departure. These taxes vary widely from country to country, but is often between €10 – 20. If VAT or other taxes are imposed or lifted within the contract period, we reserve the right to adjust our prices according to the change.

14. Your responsibility
As already mentioned, your participation in the organized travel requires that you are familiar with the information provided, including information from the certificate of participation and travel plan, and that you follow these instructions. It should also be noted that you are expected to be familiar with common publicly available information about the current political, health, and natural and climatic situation on the destination. It is also your responsibility to check that all information on travel documents, itinerary confirmation, etc. is consistent with the booking order. Culture Adventure needs to be informed about any discrepancies well in advance of your travel, otherwise you risk rejection in the airport, if for instance the names of the tickets do not match the passport.

15. Changes in the course of the voyage

In principle, the agency (according to legislation) does not significantly change the course of the voyage after booking. It is therefore important to make the agency aware of special requirements / wishes in connection with the booking (eg hotel with tennis court, golf, diving, etc.). Such wishes must be added to the invoice. The aim is to ensure the traveler against getting an inferior product than ordered, or for that matter a better but unwanted product. The legislation does unfortunately not account for travel changes in the participants’ interest. On a large part of our ‘adventure’ travel, we work with late changes (to the extent possible) to create the best possible travel taking into account the weather and other local conditions and events.

When traveling in Greenland changes occur very often as a result of weather and infrastructure that travelers should consider it as a part of the journey. Therefore, compensation for delays and changes within 24 hours are not provided. This can also apply to other packages. In that case it will be apparent from the material. When flight delays is immediately responsible agency as a representative of the airline, why complaints should be directed to the agency.

The Bureau’s responsibility does not extend beyond the international rules and conventions limitations. If an airline pays compensation, additional requirements cannot be met. Travelers can not normally expect compensation for any delayes upon return travel. Therefore, the Bureau advice you to  make a travel insurance covering such  inconveniences as the Bureau holds no responsibility to such delays.

Minor program changes are sometimes necessary, depending on weather and local conditions. The Bureau does not cover any costs due to reasons beyond our control such as natural disasters (typhoons, landslides, floods, etc.), flight delays or cancellations, accidents, medical evacuations, riots, strikes, etc.

If a hotel mentioned in the program is sold out, another hotel of the same standard will be used.

16. Complaints
Complaints of deficiencies in the journey should be directed to the agency or its local representative as soon as it is established so that the agency can attempt to rectify the situation.

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