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On this 8 days Ultimate Greenlandic trip, you will really get a sense of what it’s like to live in Greenland during winter time.

You’ll have your  base in Ilulissat,  from where you will go on several fantastic adventures. Going by snow mobile  along the shore and maybe also on the ice, if it’s safe, to the small settlement, Oqaatsut, where you will spend one night, get a guidet tour in the settlement, feed the snow sledge dogs and go on a 2 hours snow sledge trip before returning to Ilulissat the next day . You will go out sailing to the Ice Fiord seeing the huge icebergs up close, do a snow shoe hike in the UNESCO site with the amazing view of the Ice Fiord and try to sleep in an iglo. You will have excellent opportunities seeing the northern light, because of staying in areas, where there is no light to be seen from Ilulissat.