The Disko Bay area is a remarkable place in the summer months.


The Disko Bay area is a remarkable place in the summer months. Many species of whales migrate to the cooler waters of the Disko bay area. If you join a boat tour in this area in the months of July and August you have huge chances to see these big mammals swimming around and, if you are lucky, making their massive jumps up out of the water.

The most common whales you can meet on the whale safari tour are humpbacks and Fin Whale but also Sei Whale, Blue whale and the Bowhead Whale, known as Greenland Right Whale or Arctic Whale. This last species spends all of its life in Arctic waters, unlike other whales that migrate for feeding or reproduction.

This is a 5 hours tour searching and following whales around Ilulissat. It is also a great opportunity to sail among the thousands of icebergs that float in the bay watching the wonderful greenlandic landscape. If you are lucky and if you look carefully you will also be able to see seals.

This tour is usually organised when we get information from local fishermen of where whales have been seen in the bay. Coffee will be served on board

Duration: 5 Hours
Participants: Min 5 – Max 12
Period: July – August
Price: From DKK 1400,-


Few places in Greenland are as pretty as the glacier of Eqi, the Calving Glacier. We will travel about 70 km north of Ilulissat by boat to reach the glacier and be able to sail straight up to the very edge of the glacier. You might be fortunate enough to experience the breaking off of ice. Today the front of the glacier is up to 100 meters on the highest point, but it changes all the time. The noise it makes, when old ice cracks off and drops into the sea is a sight of pure awe.

Duration:  ~6-12 Hours
Participants: Min 2
Period: July – August
Price: DKK 2.295,-


During the summer months Ilulissat Tourist Nature can arrange a fishing tour in the Disko bay area. There are different fishing tecniques, location and perioss depending on the the fish. Please find below the list of fish that can be caught in the area.

Rose fish:
The red fish are found off the coast at depths of 100 to 1000 metres. It can be up to 1 metre long. This fish can be caught with the Handlining method. This method consists of a single fishing line with a weight and one or more lure-like hooks are attached.

The seawolf or sea cat lives on the bottom of the sea and it can be caught with fishing rods.

The handling method is used for fishing cods too. They can usually be found a few hundreds metres depth. Cod can also be caught with a fishing rod from the coast. The best period for fishing cods is September/October.

Arctic char:
The Arctic char is related to both salmon and trout. In the months of June and July the Arctic char can be found in the sea and in lakes and rivers. The arctic char can be caught with baits from sea coast of from river side.

This is a 5 hours boat tour that will take you, depending on the period, to the fishing spot and it will give you the opportunity to try fishing. A lunch pack will be given on board and the fishing gear are included in the tour price.

Duration: 5 Hours
Participants: Min 5 – Max 12
Period: June – September
Price: DKK 1.195,-


This is by far Air Zafaris most popular flight, and it is easy to understand why: The great glacier Sermeq Kujalleq / Jacobshavn Glacier is an astonishing sight. With a glacier front of up to 200 meters of ice, this glacier is the fastest producing glacier in the northern hemisphere and a sight you should not miss when you visit Ilulissat. The flight takes you across the hills and mountains east of Ilulissat and over the Inland Ice. We fly across the glacier front – as low as safety permits in order to give you a unique view of this amazing sight.
On our way back we fly low over the ice of the Kangia Fjord and circle around the majestic icebergs resting just south of Ilulissat.

The plane is of type P68 or the full name Partenavia. It is a 2-engine piston aircraft with high wing construction gives a fantastic view. At each of the five seats there is a large window. The plane is 12 meters in span length and 10 meters long.

The maximum weight allowed for 5 passengers is 379 kg, thus, it is very important that you write the weight of all participants at the end of this order. Furthermore, World of Greenland do reserve the right to move passengers from one flight to another.


Duration: 1 hour
Min. participants: 5
Season: All year
Price: DKK 2795,-
Note: Private chartered tour can be arranged! Transfer hotel to airport not included.


On this tour you get to discover the outer scenery of the unique Ilulissat Icefjord and the UNESCO heritage National Park with the scenery of floating ice bergs in the sea.

Duration: 35 min.
Min. participants: 5
Season: All year
Price: DKK 1.950,-
Note: Private chartered tour can be arranged! Transfer hotel to airport not included.


The boat tour to Ilimanaq is an opportunity to visit an old and almost untouched Inuit settlement and, at the same time, sail among the massive icebergs that lay at the mouth of the Ilulissat icefjord.
The boat leaves Ilulissat harbour at 10 am with direction Ilimanaq. Before reaching the village the boat will cross the famous Ilulissat Icefjord with it´s massive icebergs. In Ilimanaq you will have a couple of hours where you can visit the village in particular the little church that was built in 1904.

In Ilimanaq is possible to arrange lunch at a local Greenlandic family. The family will cook the traditional Greenlandic dish called Suasast – a soup with rice, vegetables and meat (usually seal) or fish. During lunch Regine will tell you stories and fact about the village the way it was and the way it is.

On request we can also arrange with Regine a traditional caffe-mik – a greenlandic buffet based of dry and smoked fish and seal, cakes and biscuits and, of course, coffee. At 2pm the boat will sail back to Ilulissat crossing the icefjord again. Arrival in Ilulissat is around 4pm.

Duration: 5 Hours
Participants: Min 3 – Max 12
Period: All year around
Price: from DKK 1.400,- Lunch is additional DKK 250,-


Be adventurous and kayak among the most spectacular and famous icebergs of Greenland totally safely with our certified kayak instructor.

This is a full day adventure, which starts from Ilulissat. First we sail north on our boat till we reach the small settlement of Oqaatsut, a typical Greenland settlement with only 30 people living there. There are no roads or cars, only transport to the village is by boat or dogsledgein the winter time. Oqaatsut used to be an old whaling town, for whale ships hunting in the Diskobay.

Arriving at the village, our guide will take you for a walk in the settlement telling you about life in the arctic. After our walk it is time to dress up for your kayak adventure, and you will get an intro to kayaking before setting out.

This adventure of a lifetime! It takes you deep into the arctic wilderness, paddling silently across those legendary waters with the kayak, seeking for the most spectacular spots and coast line, meeting face to face with the Kangia´s icebergs and exploring Disko Bay scouting the ice looking for seals and seabirds or just enjoying the magic moment drinking a coffee or tea on the water.

After our kayak tour we will go and visit a local family who has prepared a nice Greenlandic lunch which will give you a nice insight of life in a small village.

No previous experience is required and all the equipment is included (double kayak, dry suit, thermic base layer, live vest, spry skirt, neoprene hand gloves, neoprene shoes). With our experienced kayak guide and our safely protocols you only have to enjoy the momentum and recorder it forever.

Duration: 08.00-17.00
Participants: Min. 2 – max 10 (5 double kayaks)
Season: From June to the 15th of September
Price per person:  2.950 kr. Includes all the equipment and coffee/tea, lunch with local family, boat transfer from Ilulissat to Oqaatsut and back.