In Greenland, Northern Lights, Winter by marinus

Just north of the arctic circle in Greenland lies the old American military base “Søndre Strømfjord”.

Today the base is owned by the Greenlandish people and is called Kangerlussuaq, which also is the name of the network of fjords that starts a few km off base.

The area offers wild arctic nature in close proximity to the Ice Cap. The wildlife here is some of the best and most varied in Greenland with around 20.000 Musk Ox, plenty of reindeer, polar foxes and snowhare. The winter in Greenland is famous for its fresh crystal clear blue skies, and you wouldn’t believe it; lots of sun! Perfect for winter activities such as dogsledging and snowscooters.

Kangerlussuaq has arctic inland climate and is one of the best spots in Greenland to experience northern Lights. In fact the biggest weather station in Greenland is positioned here, to better study the nothern lights.


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