9 Days: The Arctic Circle dog sledge expedition 2022

In Dog sledge, Greenland, Northern Lights, Winter by marinus

This trip starts in Kangerlussuaq by the Arctic Circle.  Already on your first day in Greenland you will experience one of the most amazing sights as you join our half day trip to the ice cap.

Back in Kangerlussuaq you spend one night before the upcoming 3 days dog sledge expedition takes place. You will travel from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut through the newest UNESCO-site in Greenland with a local hunter, stay overnight in huts and tent along the way, and be an incorporated part of the expedition team, when you drive on the frozen fjord with mountains on each side.

After a short stay in  Sisimiut you will continue north to Ilulissat, where you will spend some days with a full excursion package by the UNESCO ice fiord.

These might be the best tours offered in Greenland during winter time with all the most important sights and highlights included in one package to enjoy.


  • Inland Ice Cap
  • 3 days dog sledge expedition
  • 2 UNESCO sites
  • Northern lights
  • Ilulissat Ice fiord
  • Crossing the Arctic Circle