9 DAYS – The wilderness experience 2022

In Greenland, Northern Lights, Summer by Hannah

The wilderness experience

Spending time in the Greenlandic wildernes, do a detox from the online world, and enjoy the silence and nature as you check in to Greenlands most isolated wilderness lodge. The lodge will open in 2019, offering overnight with full day nature experiences in the Greenlandic nature. Go fishing or hiking, pick berries and look out for northern light as darkness surrounds the lodge.

On the way to the lodge, you have a stopover in Kangerlussuaq, where you will go stay overnight at the Ice cap for 1 night. Another unique wilderness experience, that you will never forget. Travelling from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut you will also enjoy some time in the second biggest town of Greenland – Sisimiut.


  • Sleeping on the Ice cap
  • Overnight in wilderness lodge
  • Northern lights
  • Nature experiences
  • Visit to Sisimiut