Level of Difficulty

4 dage med trail løb i den arktiske natur - også på  Indlandsisen

Even on moderate difficulty level you can hike the inland ice. Photo by Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland.

In all of our tours you will find an icon that indicates the level of difficulty on the specific tour. The 4 different categories of difficulty are the following; easy, moderate, hard, extreme.

It is not necessarily the distance of the tour that decides the level of difficulty. A short trip might be more streneous than a longer trip. Trips to the Inland ice cap, hikes, primitive accommodation, kayaking or longer dog sledge trips normally qualifies as moderate difficulty level.

Sværhedsgrad: Let

Level of difficulty: Easy


In all the easy tours everybody can participate, even if you are poorly walking or have back issues. On the easy tours hiking will only pose a very small part of the full program for the tour. A two hour dog sledge ride could still be included in an easy tour as this activity is considered something where everybody would be able to join.


Sværhedsgrad: Moderat

Level of difficulty: Moderate


Moderate tours are similar to the easy tours but contains a little longer hiking in the tundra or on the inland ice. There might also be kayaking in the program. On the moderate tours all physically active people can join. These tours do not require more than a normal healthy physical level of fitness and the desire to join. Most of our trips has a moderate level of difficulty.


Sværhedsgrad: Hård

Level of difficulty: Hard


We have less tours with a hard level of difficulty. These tours often contains several days of kayaking or has primitive accommodation. They can also be tours with several days of hiking where a certain level of physical fitness is required. Accommodation on the inland ice cap is categorized as hard because of the low temperatures that can be experienced here.  Generally the participants on tours with a hard level of difficulty level are expected to be in good health and fitness as well as have a positive attitude.


Sværdhedsgrad: Ekstrem

Level of difficulty: Extreme


We only have few tours with an extreme level of difficulty. These tours are often pioneer tours or special expeditions where you will stay in the wilderness for several days. It could also be longer hiking trips to Canada. The longer kayak trips in northern Norway or for instance the Arctic Circle Race in Greenland also classify like extreme. The extreme level of difficulty requires exceptionally good physical fitness level and does often require that you prepare and train for some weeks or a few months in advance of the tour.

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