About Greenland

In recent years the Arctic and especially Greenland has opened up to the world, and has become more accessable. There is an increasing chatter about the consequences of Global Warming, and an increasing number of guests who want to see what it is all about. What they discover is a pristine world of ice and wonder, that is still largely untouched by mass turism. So if you are looking for authentic adventures, Greenland is the place! All our tours are available to anyone, and they all include English speaking guides! We offer trips to Greenland winter and summer, and on all our trips you will feel our passion for Greenland and together with our expert team in Greenland, we guarantee you the time of your life. On the right you will find some videos in English and some pictures of our destinations. You are always welcome to write or call us, if you have questions!

Northernlights over Greenland

Northernlights over Greenland


Selected Tours to Greenland


Northern Lights, Greenland,

5 Days – Ice & Northern Lights (Winter)
DKK 6.500,-

7 Dage – The Arctic Paradise 2014

7 Days – Arctic Paradise (Winter)        DKK 13.900,-

7 Days – Arctic Paradise Summer

7 Days – Arctic Paradise (Summer)   DKK 18.980,-

8 Dage – Arctic Highlights

8 Days– Arctic Highlights                    DKK 20.680,-

 8 Days – Wonders of Southern Greenland

8 Days – Wonders of Southern Greenland (Summer) DKK 17.190,-


11 Days – Greenland Adventure on a budget from DKK 16.980,-

Humpback whale, Ilulissat

12 Days – Climate Explorer in Greenland DKK 31.600,-

13 Days - Coastal Cruise from North to South Greenland

13 Days – Coastal Cruise from North to South Greenland DKK 23.900,-

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