8 Days – Wonders of Southern Greenland 2019

On this tour you will experience real arctic wilderness, which to this day is home to local Inuits, who still stay true to their traditions of hunting and fishing.

A view over the small community Igaliku in South Greenland - Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

A view over the small community Igaliku in South Greenland – Photo by Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland

Here you will witness the contrasts between a vulnerable environment and its weatherhardened nature of ice and fiords, where it is hard not to be humbled by its magnificance. Southern Greenland offers a sea of icebergs and an aweinspiring variety of glaciers that solmenly floats out and into the fiords. Landscapes of intense green, tundra and colorful settlements add character to the tour, which will inspire the most adventurous of our guests.

On our route we will navigate through a system of fiords surrounded by blue icebergs and spectacular glacierfronts emptying its overflow of ice into the waters. We will overnight in our camp right beside glaciers,  and walk up onto the glacier itself, and experience the nature of an inland glacier, with its crevasses and glacier tongues. We will hike through tundra and glacier valleys and spot herds of raindeer and marine fauna.

When nature permits we will fish for Salmon and Cod in the cystal clear waters or collect mushrooms and cranberries.

Travel facts:

Name: Wonders of Southern Greenland
Lenght: 8 days
Type: Hiking with overnights in tent/hostel
Departures and prices 2019

* Departures from Copenhagen

  • Every Tuesday from 2nd July to 27th August (last 3 departures with possibility of watching northern light)

* Departures from Reykjavik

  • Every Saturday from 22nd June to 30th July &
  • Every Tuesday from 2rd July to 27th August (last 3 departures with possibility of watching northern light) &
  • In September departures every Tuesday & Saturday – Special Northern lights departures

* Price from Copenhagen (DKK 20.250,-)
* Price from Reykjavik (DKK 18.500,-)


Day 1: Brattahlid
Flight from Reykjavik – Narsarsuaq (or Copenhagen).
We will pick you up at the airport and you will be transportet by motorboat through the Tunulliarfik Fiord to Qassiarsuk. The Fiord will normally be full of Icebergs. We will vist the ruins from when Erik the Red called this place his home. Brattahlid was the capital of the Viking Greenland, where Erik the Red settled in 985, at the beginning of the Viking Colonisation of Greenland. We will hike through town, which today holds about 100 inhabitants, mostly farmers. At night we stay at Leif Eriksson Hostel in Qassiasuk where we will also have our dinner.

Day 2: Qaleralik Camp
We will set our course towards the Qaleraliq Camp, whereto we will navigate through icebergs in the Tunulliarfik fiord. We stop in Narsaq, to visit the third most populated city in Southern Greenland, with about 1500 inhabitants. You will have time to visit the local market, furshops or just walk about town before we embark again, and leave for the Ice Cap. Upon arrival we will reach a spellbinding little camp, residing on a stretch of sand, which lies with spectacular views over the three fronts of the Qaleraliq Glacier. Here we will spend the night, so that our senses can soak up the setting and the roar of the Serac Icefall.

Day 3: The Ice Cap
We will hike up to the great lake of Tasersuatsiaq with a panoramic view over the Ice Cap. We continue from here on foot through a desertlike valley, which leads us to a very different landscape of a green and thick tundra. With the lake now behind us, we will climb the 400m hill, from where we will have a wonderful view over the lake, one of the biggest in this part of Greenland. From here we also have great views into the vastness of the Ice Cap, and further in the distance the Arctic Sea where “Nunatakker” stands as floating symbols of the Inland Ice. We will try and find blue berries and mushrooms, while trying to spot reindeer which roams these parts in great herds. Back to camp.

Day 4: Glacier Frontier Tour to the Ice Cap
Today we navigate along the glacierfront in our Zodiac boat, and admire the vertical walls of sheer ice. Sailing past countless icebergs on their voyage toward the sea, 10 miles out. After the boatvoyage, we will start an adventurous expedition into a kingdom of ice. With steigeisen on our feet, we will now walk up onto the ICe Cap itself, and explore the many crevasses, passes, icevalleys, caves, streams and all the vivid formations on this; one of the oldest masses of ice in the world.

An expert guide, with a specialty in Glacier Science, makes sure we have the nessesary equipment, and also that we stay safe during the hike. On the trip he will share with us some of the secrets of the ice, and invite us into a world that scientist are still trying to understand. A unique and very special experience, that is bound to surprise first time travellers as well as experienced travellers in the Arctic. It doesnt get much better than this in Greenland!.

Day 5: Igaliku
Navigation from Qaleralik to Itilleq via the Tunulliarfik Fiord. A small hike along the Kings Road, to the idyllic settlement of Iglaliko, with about 40 inhabitants. This settlement is one of the most picturesque of the whole Southern Greenland, where you will also find the ruins of Gardar, that functioned as the archdiocese and religious capital in the time of the Vikings. Just recently this site has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

After lunch in Iglaliku we will return to Itilleq, and here after to Qassiarsuk. On our way to Qassiarsuk, we visit the Qooroq Fiord, which holds one of the most active Glaciers in Southern Greenland. We will navigate through the area, until the compactness of the ice makes any further sailing impossible. Dinner and overnight at Leif Eriksson Hostel.

Day 6: Tasiusaq and Sermilik
We will hike to the farm of Tasiusaq where 7 people live in remarkable isolation at the Sermilik Fiord, which is almost always blocked by ice from the Eqaloruutsit Glacier. Later we will try and catch some Arctic Salmon, and do a hike in the area. Later in the afternoon its possible to take a Kayaktrip for those who wants more adventure (optinal kayak tour 85EUR min. 2 people)  Overnight at Leif Eriksson Hostel.

Day 7: “Blomsterdalen” – The Valley of Flowers
We will traverse the fiord to Narsasuaq in boat, from where we will hike through the Valley of Flowers, and enjoy the great views over the valley, created by the withdrawel of Ice, making room for a manifold of flowers, which gives name to the valley.

We continue untill we are able to see the Kiattut Glacier and the landscape around it, with its spectacular panoramic view over the Ice Cap and its “Nunatakker”. Finally we will invite you to a farewell dinner where we will try whale, seal, reindeer and perhabs even “mattak”. Overnight at Leif Eriksson Hostel.

Day 8: Return Voyage
Boattrip in Zodiac Qassiarsuk-Narsarsuaq. Leisure time to visit Narsarsuaq, flight Narsarsuaq-Reykjavik (or Copenhagen)

*Price includes:

  • Flights Copenhagen or Reykjavik – Narsarsuaq vice versa
  • Airport taxes
  • Guide (English)
  • Transfers in Greenland Zodiac ekspeditionboats
  • Full board incl. Greenlandic farewell dinner
  • all nights in Greenland hostel and nature camp
  • Camping & Zodiac boat gear

Not included

  • Airport taxes and Fees (approx. 165-200 € from Reykjavík and 200 € from Copenhagen)
  • Extra expenses
  • Administration and fee to Danish travel fond – DKK 100,-
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