8 days – Trail Run north of the Arctic Circle

It is with great pleasure that we can present Trail Run Camp 2017 in Greenland. Over the past 20 years we have explored Greenland a numerous amount of times and yet we are still speechless on every visit. Tighten your running shoes, and join us on this unique tour for August, where we will show you the best of Greenland. On this tour you will have company of our experienced trail run guide, and you will meet out Greenland staff. So pack you running gear and join us for the Greenland Trail Camp 2017!


We explore both the Inland Ice, the tundra while looking for musk oxen as well at the infamous Ilulissat with the large icebergs 


  • Arctic tundra, possibility of musk oxen, Whales, Greenland Ice Cap, Ice fjord sailing, visit local Settlements, UNESCO icefiord and much more.

Travel facts:

Name: Trail run north of the Arctic Circle
Lenght: 8 days
Departures and prices 2017

  • Departure from Copenhagen on Tuesday, August 8th, 2017
  • Price per person DKK 23.500, – in double room
    • Note supplement for single room: DKK 2300, -


Tuesday 8th of August – Day 1: Arrival in Greenland – Kangerlussuaq
Departure from Copenhagen at 11:00 and arrival at 11.40 in Kangerlussuaq. We will be accommodated at Old Camp hostel. Here we eat lunch and then we start on the first part of the tour.

Today’s trail: The tour starts from the Old Camp, where we run towards the airport and through the old American base, which was built during World War 2. All buildings and barracks are still standing here as a relic of a bygone era. We cross the river and leave the base. Soon awaits a climb up towards TACAN, the old radio mountainside, from where there are a magnificent view beyond the tundra – and if we are lucky, we will see both musk oxen and reindeer from the top. We run down the tundra and towards Lake Ferguson’s northern end. We then follow the lakeshore to the old rowing club, which today have become a restaurant.We run along a gravel road back to Kangerlussuaq, where a hot bath is waiting (today’s trail: aprox. 26 km).

We will have dinner with a local family in Kangerlussuaq.

Wednesday the 9th of August – Day 2: The Ice Cap
Breakfast in the Old Camp. The day offers one of the tour’s many highlights. In 4WD we drive 35 km through the tundra to the Ice Cap. The road ends at Point 660, which is the number of meters, we are above sea level. Along with our guide we take a walk on the world’s second largest ice cap. The ice cap here is over 3 km thick at its thickest point.

Today’s trail: We say goodbye to our driver and start the trail from the ice cap and back to Kangerlussuaq. A stunning beautiful trail, passing several lakes, overlooking the ice cap, passing the active Russel Glacier, and an old crashed airplane. We cross a sand plain where the Dwarf fireweed, Greenland’s national flower, blooms in large numbers (today’s trail: aprox. 35km). 

Back in Kangerlussuaq a well-deserved bath is waiting, and the dinner will be in the Restaurant Rowing Club. There will be a shuttle bus for the restaurant.

Thursday the 10th August – Day 3: Ilulissat – Kangia Icefjord
Breakfast in the Old Camp. Transportation to the airport and flight to Ilulissat, a flight of 45 minutes. Already during the descend icebergs appears and reach futher than eye can see.

Today’s trail: Our luggage will be transferred to Ilulissat Guest House, which will be our base for the next 5 days. From the airport the trail sets off with the first impressions of Ilulissat. We pass the marina and run through town, a nice trail about 6 km. Then we continue to UNESCO National Park and follow the yellow marked route with our first view of the ice fjord. We find a place to eat lunch and enjoy the view. We pass the old cemetery on the way back to Ilulissat.

Check-in at our cozy guesthouse and welcome briefing. After accommodation it is time for a citywalk in one of the oldest towns in Greenland, Ilulissat, founded by Jacob Severinsen in 1721 as a Danish colony and port for Whalers. On the way back we shop and make a common dinner meal.

Friday the 11th of August – Day 4: UNESCO National & Icefjord
Breakfast in the guesthouse. The day is devoted to trail run in the national park.

 Today’s trail: An easy start, we run through Sermermiutdalen to the ancient Inuit settlements. Here different Inuit cultures settled for thousands of years. We still see vestiges of the Thule-culture. After a short break at The ”Kællinge” Gap and a the magnificent view we follow the blue route. We stop at some of the old Inuit graves and continues along the ice fjord, until we reach a meltwater river. When we reach the mountain lake, we turn left and continue through a canyon until we reach the quarry. Waiting ahead of us is today’s steepest rise crossing ”Store Aqanaq” the large cliff behind Ilulissat. This is the ascent in winter for all hunters and their dogs, when they must enter to the fishing spots. From the top of the cliff, we have an ecstatic view over the icefjord and Ilulissat.

Alternative route: We run through the quarry, out to the icefjord and then continues east along the icefjord towards the ice cap (you rarely see other people than hunters), reaching the waterfall. On the way back we returns the same way following the blue route into The ”Kællinge” Gap, through Sermermiutdalen and the yellow route returning to the Guesthouse (today´s trail approx. 20-24 km in the terrain).

Back at the guesthouse bath and dinner is waiting.

Around. 21:30 pick up and transfer to the port, where we set sail for the Disko Bay, bound for the icefjord. The next 2 1/2 hours we will experience the icefjord and the gigantic icebergs. The reflection of the evening sun agaist the icebergs is magical!

Saturday the 12th of August – Day 5: The Disko Island
Early breakfast and off towards the harbor, the ferry will take us to the Disko Island, a trip of 2 hours and 15 minutes. The boat trip is stunningly beautiful and we disembark at the natural port of Qeqertarsuaq. This is one of the most beautiful places in Greenland and geological some of the latest Greenland. The island has hot springs, which means that the flora of the island is completely different from what we’ve seen so far.

Todays trail: We start our run through the town of Qeqertarsuaq towards the waterfall, by following Red River. After this we follow the coast towards the basalt pillers rising at Kuaanit. On the way there are good chances of spotting whales, caves and waterfalls dropping into the sea. After Kuaanit we will run back towards town and continue towards the old whale spotting lookout. In the old days this is where whalers were looking out for their next hunt, if we are lucky we will spot our own whales! For those of you who wants extra km we will run up the mountainside of “Skarvefjeldet” which is about 850 Meters above sealevel. From here we have an amazing view over the Discobay, and in clear weather we can see Aasiaat in the south, and in the East we can see all the way to Ilulissat and the ice cap. (todays distance 15-22 km)

At 18.00 we sail back to Ilulissat with arrival 20.30. We will have muskox burgers and do a Greenland beer tasting with some local brew. Saturday night is also the night to go out for some Greenland live music the Bar Naleraq.

Sunday the 13th of August – Day 6: The old mail route
Breakfast in the guesthouse. Today we will sail north to the small settlment of Oqaatsut, where only 30 people live. The settlement used to be a Dutch whaling town, and today you can still experience local huntes pulling up a whale on the beach.

Todays trail: After looking at the settlement we will start todays trail. We will follow the old mail track to Ilulissat. Every year in July, this is also the route for the classic “Cecilie Race” where participants has to run the 22,5 km route. We will run the very same trail, following the coast line. On the way we will pass the bay “Bredebugten” and a few streams where we can fill up our water bottles. We will have lunch in a smal cabin on the way. Total distance aprox. 25 km.

Monday the 14th of August – Day 7: Run with the locals
Breakfast in the guesthouse. This day is on your own. You can hike the Nationalpark or book extra excursions. Your guide will tell you about the options.

In the evening you have the option to run with the locals. The local orienteering club have their weekly practice, and we will join them. You can choose between different routes and length before heading out with your map in the backcountry of Ilulissat.

Back at the guesthouse we will have farewell dinner a Greenland food night with nice local dishes.

Monday the 15th of August – Day 8: Good bye Greenland
Breakfast at the guesthouse Transfer to the airport. Departure Ilulissat 11.50 via Kangerlussuaq. Arrival Copenhagen 21.30

*Price includes:

  • Flight Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq
  • Flight Kangerlussuaq – Ilulissat
  • Flights Ilulissat – Kangerlussuaq – Copenhagen
  • Taxes and fees
  • 2 nights in double room at Old Camp Hostel
  • 5 nights in double room at Ilulissat Guesthouse
  • All meals included
  • Trail run program as described
  • Tour for the ice cap
  • Icefiord cruise
  • Boat for settlement Oqaatsut and Disco Island
  • Experienced trail run guide

Not included:

  • Mandatory fee for Danish Travel Fund reg. 2025
  • Extra excursions
  • Personal travel insurance


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