5 Days – Northern Lights & Musk oxen

Just north of the Arctic Circle in Greenland lies the old American military base “Søndre Strømfjord”. Today the base is owned by the Greenland people and is called Kangerlussuaq, which also is the name of the network of fjords of the area.

Kangerlussuaq offers wild arctic nature in close proximity to the Ice Cap. The wildlife here is some of the best and most varied in Greenland with around 20.000 musk oxen, plenty of reindeer, polar foxes and snowhare. The winter in Greenland is famous for its fresh crystal clear blue skies, hiking and winter activities such as dogsledging ice fishing.

Kangerlussuaq has arctic inland climate and is one of the best spots in Greenland to experience northern Lights. In fact the biggest weather station in Greenland is positioned here, to better study the northern lights.

Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Photo by Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland

Travel info:

Tour name: Northern Lights & Musk oxen 2016
Duration: 5 days

  • 19.09-23.09, 23.09-27.09, 26.09-30.09
  • Price per person DKK 9.980,-


Day 1: Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq – Musk Ox Camp
Flights from Copenhagen at 09:00am, arrival in Kangerlussuaq at 09:50am local time. Following your arrival in Kangerlussuaq you will be picked up and transferred to our departure point for the tour. Our expert wildlife and field guide will be hiking with you for the following days. Todays hike will go to the tundra camp. You will be having dinner cooked over open fire and enjoy the northern lights at night.

Day 2: Tundra hike, wildlife and Inuit ruins
Todays hike will take you into the wilderness to an area with ruins of the Inuits and musk oxen. In the evening the dinner will again be prepared on the fireplace. Perhaps with some game caught during the days hike and with herbs or berries picked along the day. In the evening you will go on “northern lights sight seeing” for the best places to spot this magical phenomenon.

Day 3: Wildlife, photography and collection of herbs and berries
The theme of today is to hike through the tundra to make excellent photographs of the autumn landscape and wildlife. The colours of the season can be either beautifully faded colors of the tundra vegetation or mixed with frost or snow.

Today is also our last day in the area so we will have a meal over open fire based on some of our findings of herbs, berries and game. We’ll enjoy the northern lights of the area before we will return to Kangerlussuaq. You will be spending the night on the Kangerlussuaq hostel.

Day 4: Inland ice Excursion
Today you will experience the second largest ice cap in the world, the inland ice of Greenland. On our drive towards the inland ice sheet from Kangerlussuaq we will be going with a four-wheel truck and along the rugged drive spot make several stops on the way to explore the moraine landscape shaped by the dynamics of the ice sheet expanding and retreating through time. On our rugged drive towards ice we will search for reindeer or other wildlife. As we arrive at the ice cap you will be enjoying stunning views and hike up to the surface where you will be walking in the inland ice.

Day 5: Kangerlussuaq – Copenhagen
After four days in Kangerlussuaq, the time has come to return home. We leave at 11:40am from Kangerlussuaq airport. Arrival at 20:00, local time.


Included in the price:

  • Flights Copenhagen /Kangerlussuaq (t/r)
  • Wilderness Guide
  • Hikes in the tundra and to Inuit ruins
  • 2 Nights accommodation in Musk Ox Camp
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Cooking equipment
  • Meals on Day 1-3
  • Local transfers
  • 2 Nights in Kangerlussuaq hostel
  • Inland ice cap excursion

Does not include:

  • Mandatory Travelfund Insurance DKK 100,- pr. person
  • Travel Insurance (must be signed in your country of residence)


  • GL781 Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq, 09.00am – 09.50am
  • GL782 Kangerlussuaq – Copenhagen, 11.40am – 8pm


Kangerlussuaq Hostel:
The hostel is situated in the center of the old base area south of the airport. In the area you will find a few restaurants, a shop, the museum and with a bus stop right outside. The hostel is newly renovated, contains wifi and all facilities are of a high standard. There are common area where you can meet the other guests and enjoy your evenings. All rooms are double rooms.

Musk ox Camp:
In the tundra environment we will spend the night in camp tents and enjoy dinner cooked on campfire. This is an optimal way to enjoy being in the presence of nature and sense the Arctic environment. Following our hike to the camp the recreation time in the camp is a great opportunity to discuss the highlights of today’s sightings of plants and animals in the environment.


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