13 Days – Deep fjords and gigantic icebergs – North to South Greenland 2019

This journey is a true Greenlandic adventure, with a lot of exiting arctic experiences. On this journey you will experience the magnificent icebergs in Northern Greenland, towering up to 100 meter above the water and the beautiful fiords, local settlements and green hills of South Greenland.

A fishing vessel passing an iceberg shrouded in fog near Ilulissat ice fjord in Greenland - Photo by Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland

A fishing vessel passing an iceberg shrouded in fog near Ilulissat ice fjord in Greenland – Photo by Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland

The journey begins in Ilulissat, where upon your descend, you will get your first view of the icebergs. In Ilulissat you will experience the famous Kangia icefiord, the Sermermiut valley, Knud Rasmussens birth home and much much more.

After spending some days in Northern Greenland, you board the cruise ship, where you will have time to digest all the exiting experiences from the previous days. The next couple of days, you follow the rugged and beautiful coastline to the south of Greenland and during the journey, the ship port in some of the coastal cities, to offload and unload passengers. This exiting arctic adventure ends with a mini roundtrip in the south of Greenland, where you visit Qaqortoq, the settlement and Narsarsuaq.

Feedback from customers:
We just got home after 12 amazing days in Greenland. We could not have planed the trip better ourselves. Everything went smooth and was ready when we arrived and we felt very welcome everywhere. The sun was shining 10 of the 12 days and we could not have asked for anything more.

“Thank you so much for a well planned trip
Yours truly, the Truelsen family”

Travel Info:

Isbjerge Pionérfolket Hvaler



Tour Name: Deep fjords and gigantic icebergs – North to South Greenland
Trip Length: 13 days
Highlights: Icebergs, fiords, towns, villages and cruise along 1,000 km of coastline.
Departures and Prices: *

• Every Thursday from the 6th of June to the 22nd of August, 2019

• Price per person DKK 30.570,- in a double room. Supplement for single room.

• It’s possible to add another day in Kangerlussuaq prices starts at DKK 1.300 including accommodation and a trip to the ice cap.

NOTE: The trip is also available in a budget version, where you stay in hostels with shared shower / toilet in the corridor and on the mooring on the coastal boat ( shared bedrooms with shower / toilet in the corridor ). Price DKK 25.890,- per person.


Day 1: Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq – Ilulissat / L
Departure from Copenhagen at 09.00, arriving in Kangerlussuaq at 09.45 local time. From here you continue with domestic flight to Ilulissat which takes 45 minutes and as you flight approach you will see the icebergs. Upon arrival, Hotel Hvide Falks bus is waiting to transport you to the hotel.

After check in, you get an exciting introduction to Ilulissat – or Jakobshavn, as the city is called in Danish. On a cultural city tour, you will get to know the city and its exciting history. The highlights are the old colonial port, the Zion Church and Knud Rasmussen’s house.

Day 2: Sermermiut trek and Icefiord cruise / B
This morning, you will go on one of the world’s most beautiful hiking trips to the beautiful Sermermiut valley. The valley has for millennia been inhabited by Inuit tribes, and at the end of the valley is the famous icefiord, which is now protected by UNESCO. Lunch on your own account and the afternoon is at your leisure.

In the evening it’s time for one of the highlights: the midnight tour to the icefiord, where you will experience the midnightsun and see how the rays reflect on the up to 100 meters high icebergs. Hot drinks are served on board before heading back to Ilulissat. The trip lasts about 2 hours.

Day 3: Ilulissat at your own leisure / B
The day is free to enjoy Ilulissat on your own. It is possible to sign up for additional excursions. Check out the various options available in Ilulissat.

Day 4: Embark on the coastal boat
The morning is at your own leisure. After 3 days with a lot of great experiences, it is now time to digest the experiences aboard the coastal boat M / S Sarfaq Ittuk, departing at 17.00. You begin the beautiful trip, by sailing out of the bay, and between Ilulissat and Aasiaat there is a good chance to see Humpback whales playing in the ocean. In addition to whales there are a myriad of different seabirds. The area has among other things, one of the world’s largest population of terns. Today you will port at Aasiaat between 21:30-22:00 .

Day 5: Sisimiut, Kangaatsiaq & Maniitsoq
The ship continues south, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery and watch out for whales. After the ship leaves the Disco Bay, the landscape gradually becomes more rough and steep. In Sisimiut, you will notice the towering landmark, Kællingehætten, behind the town, as a fascinating backdrop to the beautiful Greenlandic wooden houses, for which the city is known for. Later the ship will be calling at the city Maniitsoq. The trip through the fiord of eternity reveals some of the most beautiful landscape of Greenland. You pass by high mountains, and there are many birds, as well as bird cliffs nearby. Today’s port visits is at Sisimiut from 09:00 to 11:00, Kangaatsiaq from 17:30 to 17:45 and Maniitsoq from 21:30 to 10:00 p.m.

During the period from 1st of June to 30st of August, there will be a guide on board, to explain about Greenland

Day 6: Nuuk – Paamiut
The ship is now south of the Arctic Circle and arrives in Nuuk at 07.00 – and you will have all just a few hours to explore Nuuk, before the ship leaves at 09.00. Today’s port visit is Qeqertarsuatsiaaq from 16:30 to 16:45 and Paamiut 23:30 to 23:59.

Day 7: Arrival Qaqortoq (South Greenland)
This is the last day aboard the boat, and you have now reached the South Greenland waters which offers gentle and lush hills. It was here that Erik the Red and the Norse chose to settle in 982.

Arrival in Arsuk between 13:00 to 13:15

At 16.00 the ship will arrive in South Greenland ‘s capital: Qaqortoq, where you will stay at Siniffik Inn. The town is Greenland’s largest with 3,000 inhabitants and one of Greenland’s most charming cities, with a rich cultural life. You can among other things, explore the city and study the various motifs carved into the rocks of the culture project “Stone and People”, made by local and Nordic artists.

Day 8: City tour in Qaqortoq / B
After breakfast at Heidi‘s in Siniffik Inn, there is arranged a city tour of this beautiful city, with its colorful houses and hilly roads. The city has a long and proud history and is also developing rapidly. The afternoon is at your leisure. In the evening we recommend that you eat at Ban Thai, a cozy Thai restaurant in the historic midtown. Take advantage of the Greenlandic coffee and be ready for a surprise.

Day 9: Qaqortoq at leisure / B
The day is at leisure and you can go on short or long hikes, take a trip to the hot springs on the island Uunartoq, a really unique and great experience for many. Sitting in the hot spring, which is 37 degrees warm, overlooking the towering mountains and glaciers, is an experience of a lifetime.

We recommend that you take a look into South Greenland Secondary Education building. Inside the main hall of the building, one of Greenland’s greatest artists ( Aka Hoegh ), has painted ” Resurrection ” with Greenland’s nature and animals as the theme.

Day 10: Qaqortoq-Igaliku / B, D
After breakfast at 09:00 you will be picked up by boat and sail to the village Igaliku (via Itilleq), which of many are described as the most beautiful village in Greenland. Here you go on a 3 km hike along the King’s Road and from the last hill, you will have the most beautiful view of the village, surrounded by green fields, colorful houses and the blue fiord. This isolated community are home to approx. 40 hospitable locals. Here you will get an intimate first hand experience of the daily life in a Greenlandic village or settlement. Your overnight at the Country Hotel, where all meals are included.

Day 11: Igaliku, the old episcopal residence /B,L,D
This is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. It is also one of the best places to hike – short or long trips. ALWAYS remember to let someone know if you set out on your own. And to notify the same people when you return.

About Igaliku:
The scattered stone houses are situated on a sheltered, fertile plain, at the bottom of a very blue fiord and surrounded by harsh and barren mountains. There is a very special atmosphere and peace in Igaliku, which you will experience, if you stay more than a day.

Igaliku Country Hotel offers everyone the opportunity to experience the atmosphere in a Greenlandic village. The hotel is not a multi-star luxury hotel, but it is very cozy and comfortable, with delicious meals served in the café, so you get a ” multi- star ” experience!

Day 12: Igaliku Qassiarsuk – Narsarsuaq / B,L
Just before lunch, you will on a go for about 4 km along the “royal road ” to Itilleq. The road is named after King Frederik the 9th who visited back in 1952. The road was made in connection with his visit. Your luggage will be transported in a tractor. You sail to Qassiarsuk , primarily a place for sheep keepers, where Erik the Red more than 1000 years ago settled and formed ” Bratta “. The reconstructions show exactly how people lived back then. You then continue to Narsarsuaq in the afternoon, where you will be accommodated at Hotel Narsarsuaq.

Day 13: Narsarsuaq – Copenhagen / B
It’s time to bid farewell to Greenland after 13 wonderful days. The plane to Copenhagen leaves at 15.20, so you have time and opportunity to buy an excursion to the active glacier Qooroq.

Excursion to the active glacier:
You sail from Narsarsuaq to the underwater moraine at Qooroq fiord. Here, many of the large icebergs get stuck, and you sail close past them to get through and into the Qooroq fiord. Inside the fiord, it reveals some stunning views of thousands of icebergs, steep rock walls and at the bottom of the fjord the great glacier. The glacier produces about 200,000 tons of ice per day and many of the icebergs have the most beautiful turquoise colors.

Inside the Qooroq fjord you stop the engine and drift with the current, to really enjoy the views. The silence is only interrupted by the many icebergs crackling and roaring noises, when they rotate and break into smaller pieces. A sight and experience, that is really hard to beat. During the trip we collect ice, and enjoy a drink with the tinkling sound of a thousand year old air bubbles that burst in the glass.
Duration: 2-3 hours
Price: DKK 750, – per person

Important notice:
Changes or cancellations of trips due to bad weather may occur. We will always try to run the trips at a different time, if a trip is canceled due to bad weather. If it is not possible to carry out a planned trip during the days you are in Greenland, we’ll refund the price of the excursion.


Hotel Hvide Falk, Ilulissat:
An older hotel with a lot of atmosphere and character. The hotel is located directly next to the bay with a stunning view of the icebergs. The hotel has its own restaurant, that cooks breakfast buffet and in the evening you eat well in the restaurant, where there are opportunities to taste the Greenlandic specialties and produce. Hotel Hvide Falk is just a few minutes walk from the town square and Knud Rasmussens Museum.

Siniffik Inn, Qaqortoq:
Beautifully situated hostel / hotel. There are rooms with private bathroom and bunk beds as well as rooms with shared shower and toilet. There is a communal kitchen and large terrace. The hostel is cozy and overlooking the lake.

Settlement hotel Igaliku:
Small cozy hostel in Igaliku. Personal service and full catering. All rooms are doubles, but with shower and toilet in the corridor.

Hotel Narsarsuaq:
Good three star hotel located at the airport, and overlooking the fiord. Its located close to the ice cap, which can be reached on a half day trip. There is a restaurant and bar at the hotel.

Read more about M / S Sarfaq Ittuk

*Price includes:

  • Flight Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq – Ilulissat / Narsarsuaq – Copenhagen
  • Airport charges (currently dkk 1614, -)
  • All transfers on arrival and departure
  • 3 nights in Ilulissat at Hotel Hvide Falk, incl. breakfast
  • 3 nights in a double cabin on the coastship from Ilulissat to Qaqortoq
  • 3 nights at Siniffik Inn (Qaqortoq ), incl. breakfast
  • 2 nights in the village of Igaliku incl. full board
  • 1 night at Hotel Narsarsuaq, incl. breakfast
  • Boat from Qaqortoq to Igaliku
  • Boat from Igaliku to Narsarsuaq via Qassiarsuk
  • Breakfast every day. However meals on the coastal ship is at your own account
  • Culture / city tour (Ilulissat)
  • Sermermiut trek (Ilulissat)
  • Ice fiord cruise (Ilulissat )
  • City tour (Qaqortoq )
  • Guide aboard the coastal ship

The price does not include:

  • Mandatory expanded liability risk & cost travel guarantee fund 100, – per person
  • Travel Insurance during the trip.
  • Meals aboard Sarfaq Ittuk (can ONLY be purchased onboard)
  • Other meals than those mentioned in the itinerary


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