9 days – Photo tour with award winning photographer Carsten Egevang

Unique travel to Greenland with Carsten Egevang, specialised photographer and biologist.

This trip with a special focus on Greenland´s most amazing nature is planned to take place at the very best time of year, in September, when the color of autumn has appeared and the special arctic light gives the perfect conditions for unique photographing. Same time the arctic nights are getting longer, giving you the best opportunity to experience the northern lights during this travel as well.

A photographer on a photo tour in North Greenland captures the perfect nighttime shot of northern lights, the starry night sky, and icebergs in the Ilulissat Icefjord

A photographer on a photo tour in North Greenland captures the perfect nighttime shot of northern lights, the starry night sky, and icebergs in the Ilulissat Icefjord. Photo by Paul Zizka – Visit Greenland

The trip will take you to the two most interesting areas in Greenland when it comes to photographing. The big tundra area around Kangerlussuaq, where you will experience the most visible arctic animal life in Greenland. Same time you will have the big and impressive inland Icecap nearby, and easy to access. Travelling further north, you will stay in Ilulissat –a town famous for the UNESCO ice fiord, the huge icebergs floating around town.
In Ilulissat our main focus will be on the whales living in these ice filled waters.

The program is based on a scheduled program with a mix of activities and workshops, all flexible thought, as we will adjust the program based on weather, wind and light – all to give you the perfect conditions for your photos. We will use our own boat for all tours, booked exclusively for your group, in order to offer you the most flexibility.

Your tour leader

Carsten Egevang is an award winning photographer and biologist with more than 20 years’ field experience in Greenland. During the trip Carsten will share is experiences and knowledge about the arctic, flora, fauna, culture and of cause photographing through workshops and lectures.
Who is the target group for this tour?

The trip is planned to embrace photographers at all levels and the general nature lover. The trip will have a high activity level meaning you will have to be in a good shape, able to hike and carry your own photo equipment for longer day tours.

Travel Facts




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Tour name: Photo tour with Carsten Egevang
Duration: 9 days

  • Indland ice, Ilulissat Icefjord, boat trips, Whales, Settlement visit, hikes

Departures and prices:*

  • Departure dates 2018:
    • 12th-20th september 2018
  • Price DKK 31.500 per person in double room
  • Single room fee DKK 3.000,-


Day to day program:

Day 1: 12th September: Kangerlussuaq – Tundra and animal life (B/L/D)

Departure with Airgreenland from Kastrup, Copenhagen at 09.15 – arrival in Kangerlussuaq at 09.55. Transfer to Old Camp for check-in in double rooms with shared facilities.

After your briefing about the area and animal life we will set out for your first adventure. Together with a local guide with special knowledge about the local animal life we drive to the mountain Tacan, from where we will hike out on the tundra trying to get close to the musk ox, reindeers and hares living in the area. We will prepare lunch over open fire.

Dinner at restaurant Moskus.

Day 2: 13th September: Camp Ice camp – overnight on the inland icecap (B/L/D)

Breakfast at Old Camp followed by lectures and instructions for the next days mini expedition to the ice cap. After lunch we will drive the 35 kilometer toward the ice cap in a 4X4 wheel drive bus. We will drive though the beautiful arctic landscape and tundra, and will make stops along the way, whenever we pas an interesting photo sight.

The road to the inland ice cap stop at the edge of the ice, and from here we will begin our hike to Camp Ice Cap with our local glacier guide.  An unforgettable experience awaits you as you step unto the ice cap and we start our photo shoot, looking out for crevasses and glacier lakes. Together we set camp for the night and the food will be prepared in our common food tent.

Spending a night on the ice cap gives us the unique possibility to explore the light, and with no light pollution at all, this will for sure be one of the highlights of the tour.

Day 3: 14th September: Inland Ice Cap (M/L/D)

After breakfast we do a last hike on the ice cap, enjoying the many shapes and colors of the ice. After lunch we take down our camp and return to the buses, that will take us back to Kangerlussuaq. Again we will keep our eyes open for animal life driving back towards town for check in another night at Old Camp by Lake Ferguson.

Dinner at Restaurant Roklubben.

Dayy 4: 15th September: Ilulissat – Town of icebergs (B/L/D)

After breakfast we will take a 45 min.  domestic flight to Ilulissat where we will arrive around midday. Already from your flight you will get a glimpse of the Ice Fiord and the many ice bergs floating in the waters around town. From the airport you will have transfer to Ilulissat Guesthouse, located with view of the Diskobay and the floating icebergs. The guesthouse is located close the the National park, an ideal location for hiking in the UNESCO area. Ilulissat Guesthouse will host your Photo workshop and lectures.

Ilulissat if the 3rd biggest town in Greenland with approx. 5.000 inhabitants, and the main business is fishing. After your check-in we will do a guided city walk around town, showing you all the main points of interest such as the harbor, town square, museum and church.

Dinner with the group at local restaurant.

During the evening, if the lights are right, we will take our cameras and go into the night, looking for northern lights.

Day 5: 16th September: UNESCO area of the Sermermiut valley and ice fiord cruise. (B/L/D)

After breakfast, we set out for a day hike in the UNESCO area. For almost 4.000 years different Inuit cultures have lived in the valley, and we will be able to see some of their ruins and remains of their culture. You will have the most amazing view of the ice fiord along the hike and a great opportunity to get amazing photos of the unique arctic nature and the the ice.

Dinner with your group on local restaurant.

After dinner we will sail out to the mouth of the Ice fiord where all the big icebergs are stranded. Again we will use our own boat for your group exclusively, giving us the flexibility to adjust the tour after the best conditions for photographing these enormous ice bergs in the very best light. The tour takes approx. 2 hours, and if we spot whales along the tour we will of cause do our best to get close to the giants of the sea.

Day 6: 17th September: Disko Island (B/L/D)

After breakfast we will go by charter boat across the Diskoay to the Disko Island. The boat tour takes approx. 2 hours and 15 min. We will arrive to Qeqertarsuaq, the main town on Disko Island with 850 inhabitants. The town, a former whale watching station, is one of the best places to spot whales in the Diskobay. Apart from the whales the Disko Island also offers an unique flora and fauna that you can only experience here, as the Disko Island is one of the newest geological islands in Greenland.  We will hike out to the Kuuannit, where you can experience basalt columns and the waterfalls leading straight to the sea. We will spend total 5-6 hours on the Disko Island before we return to Ilulissat.

Dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 7: 18th September: Photo workshop and visit to Oqartut

After breakfast we sail north to the little cozy hunter’s village Oqartsut. The colorful houses lighten up the landscape for the only 30 inhabitants living in the small village. This village still serves as a whalers station during the season, when the whales are being hunted in the Diskobay.

We will have lunch in the local restaurant H8.

When we return to Ilulissat Guesthouse we will have a photo workshop at Ilulissat Guesthouse. Together we work on the pictures we have taken during our stay in Greenland and Carsten will make a lecture on his photographic projects in Greenland, documenting both the Inuit hunter culture and the extraordinary dog sledge culture. He will also share is workflow for image processing and converting to black and white.

Dinner at local restaurant.

Day 8: 19th September: National park and whale watching (B/L/D)

After breakfast we head out to the National Park once again, and following a different route we will see the icebergs from a new point of view. During the afternoon you will have the option to add on an optional tour – a flight seeing tour over the ice fiord and glacier front.

During the afternoon we will do our last boat tour, travelling south of the ice fiord looking out for whales. Chances for spotting whales here is extremely high, but of cause never guaranteed.  How ever we do guarantee Ice bergs.

On our last night we will enjoy a Greenlandic evening in our guesthouse. You will get a taste of Greenland as we serve local food such as halibut, scrimps and reindeer.

Day 9: 20th September: Ilulissat- Kangerlussuaq- Copenhagen (B/L)

After breakfast you will depart from Ilulissat toward Copenhagen via Kangerlussuaq. Expected arrival time in Copenhagen at 21:30.



The weather in conditions in Greenland can change really fast. We are of cause used to working under these conditions, but it do happens that we need to change the program. As this tour has a special focus og photo shoots the light is extra important – this will therefore of cause have our first priority, so changes may occur in order to offer the best conditions for photography.


Old Camp, Kangerlussuaq
Is a hostel located 2 km from the airport and used to be an old military hut town. Each hut has a rather big common area and shared facilities in the hall.  There is a small kitchen area in the hostel where food, tea and coffee can be prepared. This location if Old Camp is perfect for Northern light and short individual hikes eg. to the nearby plain where you can find many kind of different fossils.

Ilulissat Guesthouse
Is a Guesthouse with total 3 houses located with the most amazing view of the Icefiord. Each house has 2- 3 double rooms, and a big and cozy common area. All houses have a full equipped kitchen for self cooking. Ilulissat Guesthouse has their own guide team, and offer boat tours in their new open RIB boat, perfect for photo tours.


*Price includes:

  • Flight Copenhagen-Kangerlussuaq
  • Flight Kangerlussuaq- Ilulissat
  • Flight Iluissat-Kangerlussuaq-Copenhagen
  • Airport taxes
  • 2 nights in double room at Old Camp
  • 1 night in Camp Ice cap including tent and sleeping bag
  • 5 night in double room at Ilulissat Guesthouse
  • Breakfast all days, 6 lunch and 6 dinners
  • Tundra-hike in Kangerlussuaq
  • Foto workshopswith Carsten Egevang
  • All mentioned tours in Ilulissat
  • Boat tours will be adjusted after the light
  • Settlement visit in Oqartsut
  • Day trip to Disko Island inkluding hiking tour
  • Mandatory EU insurrance

Not included in the price:

  • Tours and meals not mentioned above


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