14 days Special Tour – “Climate Explorer” in Greenland

Special tour – Climate Explorer 2019

On this trip you will explore the nature and climate of Greenland first hand. As a polar explorer you will gain amazing experiences and obtain specific knowledge about the fascinating wildlife and climate of Greenland.

Two fin whales going along the coastline near Qeqertarsuaq in Greenland - Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Two fin whales going along the coastline near Qeqertarsuaq in Greenland – Photo by Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland

With all our senses awake we will explore the nature wonders of Greenland with our well educated local guides. This is a trip that will increase your passion for nature and give you a deeper knowledge about wildlife and climate in Greenland. You will have the chance to discuss the climate changes and the influence this creates on the local wildlife and population with your local guides, that experiences the changes at first hand.


Joining this amazing journey will give you extraordinary nature experiences with a twist of scientific content e.g.:

  • Tunda tour with local hunter
  • Spending 1 night on the inland ice cap
  • Meet local scientist specialized in climate changes.
  • Hiking in the distinct basalt mountains on the Disco Island
  • Sailing among icebergs in the Disco Bay
  • Hiking through the UNESCO Kangia National Park viewing the icefjord of Ilulissat

Travel Info:

Isbjerge Pionérfolket Hvaler



Tour name: Climate Explorer in Greenland – Special tour
Duration: 14 days
Departure 2019

  • On request only – please contact us for more info
  • Price per person: From DKK. 32,470,-
  • Single room additional fee DKK 4,875,- (not available in Camp Ice Cap)


Day 1: Arrival day to Copenhagen (No meals)
After individual arrival to Copenhagen, we offer a guided tour of Copenhagen during the afternoon. Your local guide will give you a good introduction to the first trade made between Denmark and Greenland. The tour will take thought the old part of Copenhagen and you can enjoy a nice summer evening in central Copenhagen before you head north. (Book you own accommodation or contact us for a special offer)

Day 2: Departure Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq – Tundra hike (B/-/-)
Departure from Copenhagen Airport at 09:15. Following your arrival in Kangerlussuaq (09:55)  you will meet your local guide and hunter, who will take you on a tundra tour in the area around Kangerlussuaq.  With you local guide you will count the wildlife you meet along your way and discuss the day’s sightings and how the climate changes influences the conditions for the wildlife and local hunters.

Theme: To contribute to the wildlife surveillance of the musk ox and reindeer populations in the area by monitoring the herds we might be lucky to encounter. Then we will count the number of individuals, determine their sex and age. We will also discuss how both the grassing and climate in this arctic environment influence the vegetation growth and diversity. 

Day 3: Ice sheet & sleep at Camp Ice Camp (B/L/D)
On our drive towards the inland ice sheet from Kangerlussuaq we will make several stops on the way to explore the moraine landscape shaped by the dynamics of the ice sheet expanding and retreating through time. On our rugged drive towards ice we will search for groups of musk ox, reindeer and polar fox. When close to the ice, we will hike up to the top of glacier and discover what kind of climate history can be interpreted from the ice and its journey from the centre of the ice sheet towards the margins. Camp will be set up on the ice cap and we will continue exploring and learning about recent activities like calving or moulins.

Theme: We will photograph the glacier by cameras or potentially drone, which can be implemented in climate models focusing on melting speed of the icecap through glaciers.

Day 4: Ice sheet and return to Kangerlussuaq (B/L/-)
We will begin the day on the ice sheet and discover more of the wonders of the glacial world like meltwater lakes or – rivers on the ice before we are departing our ice cap camp. From here we will return towards Kangerlussuaq. When back in Kangerlussuaq we will stay at the Polar Lodge/Old Camp.

Theme: From the geology in the area we will discuss the dynamics of the glacier and how its movements have transported rocks and stone with melt water rivers through the landscape shaping it through time. On our drive back towards Kangerlussuaq – if time permits – we will make a few stops to discuss how climate changes are affecting the local flora and fauna and how these are adapted to the arctic environment.

Day 5:  Kangerlussuaq – Ilulissat – Meet a scientist (B/-/-)
Breakfast at the hostel. After breakfast you will meet a local scientist specialized in ice and climate changes. Here you have a change to ask any questions you might have in order to get a better and deeper understanding of the visible changes in the area and in Greenland. Later afternoon we fly to Ilulissat. Already at the inflight over the ice fiords, will you be able to spot floating Icebergs far into the horizon. We will pick you up and take you to Hotel Hvide Falk. The city tour will begin in the old part of town where you will see the old buildings from the first Danish settlements with the harbor, church and the museum.

Day 6: Ilulissat- Kangia National Park UNESCO & City walk (B/-/-)
Breakfast at the Hotel. The first part of day offers one of the most beautiful hikes, you will ever experience! Towering Icebergs floating by as we walk into the valley of Sermermiut. At the end of the valley you will have the view of the famous Kangia icefjord, which in 2004 became certified as a UNESCO heritage site. The valley is also interesting from its history during the last 4000 years of having hosted not less than three different cultures of Inuit hunters and fishermen.

The afternoon you will do a city tour with your local guide, who will introduce you to the small town and its history.

Theme: A historical guidance through the areas anthropological history and its preserved remains, which will provide you with an insight to the first settlements in this area and their cultural heritage and behavior.  

Day 7: Ilulissat - Day at leisure and evening cruise(B/-/-)
We will begin with breakfast at the hotel. you will have a day for leisure for optional excursions or if interested you can visit the art museum and/or Knud Rasmussen’s home. Here you can learn more about the many expeditions he made in the high Arctic before his dead.

During the evening you will join a midnight cruise to the UNESCO ice fjord and feel the arctic up close as you pass the amazing icebergs just outside town.

Day 8: Ilulissat – Qeqertarsuaq (B/-/-)
We will begin with an early breakfast on the hotel. From here we will depart with the ferry to the Disco Island. On our way we will pass by impressive mountains and icebergs. Soon we will see examples of the local geology in the Disco Island very different from the rest of Greenland being dominated by its mountains of basalt. After a couple of hours sailing we will arrive at the small harbor of Qeqertarsuaq. You will be meet by your local guide for a hike through Qeqertarsuaq towards the Kuanit field, famous for its grand views of the ocean and high mountains. We will pass by several waterfalls and caves on our way. Disco Island is famous for its flora and beautiful basalt formations.

Theme: On the boat towards Disco Island we will look out for whales. Disko Island is famous for the many whales that can often be spottet from land. Disko Island played an important role back in the whale hunting period.

Day 9: Qeqertarsuaq -  Lyngmarks Glacier and dog slegding  (B/-/-)
Breakfast. Today we will go for a long hike up to the Lyngmark Glacier situated at 880 meters above sea level. In 2015 the climate group created af ‘photo-view-point’ in order to monitor the glaciers movements. Also, from here we have an amazing view over the Disko Bay, and in clear conditions, you can see the Ice Cap (more than 150 km away). You will do a 1,5 hours dog slegde tour on top of the glacier, before you settle in the simple hut on top of the glacier. Here you will spend the night in the simple cabin with other tourists (bunkbeds), and the toilet is an outhouse.

Please note: The hike to the glacier is a strenuous hike and you have to be in good conditions to participate in the hike.

day 10:  Qeqertarsuaq – Ilulissat (B/-/-)
After an early breakfast we return to Qeqertarsuaq and further on to Ilulissat with ferry the same afternoon. Arrival to Ilulissat late afternoon, transfer to, and check in at, Hotel Hvide Falk.

Day 11: Ilulissat on your own or optional excursions. (B/-/-)
Breakfast at the hotel. This day is on your own.You will have plenty of time to hike around town, and check out the many smaller shops, some of which sell local handicrafts, or go back and try some of the hiking rutes in the UNESCO area. You can also consider an optional tour to one of the nearby settlements. We can arrange whale safari, or helicopter sight seeing. Please contact us for more information.

Day 12: Eqi – the calving Glacier  / B, L, D
Breakfast at the hotel. Today is another day to write home about! Few places in Greenland are as pretty as the glacier of EQI, the Calving Glacier. It lies about 70 km north of Ilulissat, and we will go there by boat. On the boat we are able to sail up to the very edge of the glacier, and, if we are lucky, experience the breaking off of ice. Today the front of the glacier is up to 100 meters on the highest point, but it changes all the time. The noise it makes, when old ice cracks off and drops into the sea is a sight to behold.

On land the camp guides will lead the way to Glacier Lodge Eqi, situated on the rock approximately 100 m above the water level. Practical information on the area is given in Café Victor and afterwards the guide will show everybody to their huts. You will stay the night in one of the local huts. In the afternoon, you will go on a short walk in the area. You will go near the Delta, where you can be lucky to sea Sea Eagles. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the fantastic view towards the glacier.

Day 13: Eqi – optional walk to the moraine + Return to Ilulissat (B/L/-)
Breakfast at Café Victor. Today you  can choose to do and  optional walk to the moraine, where you will have spectacular views at the calving galcier.

At around 02:00 pm you will go back on the boat, that will take you back to Ilulissat. We are taking the same route home, and coffee and cake is served on the boat. We will be back in Ilulissat at around 05:00pm. Look out for seals and whales on the way! You will stay at Hotel Hvide Falk.

Theme: We will walk to the moraine, from where we can explore how the glacier have moved back and forth (the last years, significantly reduced). From the moraine we have an excellent view of the glaciers different formations, like cracks and colors and movements – absolutely spectacular and very close up but from a safe distance. Att his spot you will also be able to see the voluminous calvings with huge chinks of ice falling off and into the fjord..

Day 14: Ilulissat – Kangerlussuaq – Copenhagen (B/-/D)
Breakfast in the hotel and then flight from Ilulissat to Kangerlussuaq, from where we fly back to Copenhagen. Arrivel at 08:00pm (local time).

Citizen Science – do I have it in me?

This is a journey for everyone who would like amazing experiences in the Arctic nature while at the same time gain new knowledge about what we encounter in the wilderness. The citizen science aspect means that we deepen the nature and climate experiences by engaging more actively with observations, scientific input and discussions, than you would normally experience on similar trips in Greenland.

*Price inkludes:

  • Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq – Ilulissat t/r
  • All taxes
  • 2 nights at Polar Lodge/Old Camp, incl. breakfast (Kangerlussuaq) – shared facilities.
  • Meals as stated in the program (B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner)
  • 1 night in Camp Ice Cap, including ice cap excursion (Kangerlussuaq)
  • 7nights at Hotel Hvide Falk, incl. breakfast (Ilulissat)
  • Briefing upon arrival
  • 2 nights in Disco Island, Qeqertarsuaq
  • 1 night at Eqi huts including boat transfer
  • Tundra tour (Kangerlussuaq)
  • Meet a scientist (Kangerlussuaq)
  • City Sight Seeing (Ilulissat)
  • Icefiord cruise to Ilulissat Icefiord
  • Walk to Sermermiut (view to Icefiord – Ilulissat)
  • Ferry between Ilulissat – Disco Island - Qeqertarsuaq (t/r)
  • Transport upon arrival and departure to hotel
  • Local guides

Price does not include:

  • Mandatory fee for Danish Travel Guarantee Fund, and administration dkk 100,-
  • Insurances
  • Meals not stated in the program
  • Single surcharge of DKK 4,375.- (EUR 585)



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