Since 2001 we have arranged travels in the Arctic. We are a passionate team with many years of experience in the Arctic.

All our trips are made with a great love for the Arctic and in particular Greenland. Our main motivation for designing tours is to make our guests feel like they are travelling with a good friend. Hence, story behind our name - Arctic Friend.

We are offering everything from round trips to cruises to dog sledding and glacier courses in the Arctic. Please contact us about your dreams for an adventure.


  • 8 days - East Greenland & Iceland. This is a unique opportunity to explore both the original Greenland and Iceland in one trip! Read more
  • Last Call! 7 days Arctic Paradise. Experience some of the absolute winter highlights, like Northern Lights, boat cruise among ice bergs visit inuit settlement, walk on the ice cap. Read more
  • Please visit our new Guesthouse in Ilulissat - best view in town. Read more
Northern light

8 Days - Arctic Highlights Winter
from €2836

Experience Kangerlussuaq in its white appearance with musk oxen, reindeer and inland ice cap. Enjoy 2 days of dog sledge travel, sail on the icefjord. Add to this magical winter landscape the most active scenery for northern lights in the world!

Icefiord Cruise around Ilulissat

Coastal Cruise North to South Greenland €3906

This journey is a true greenlandic adventure full of exciting arctic experiences. You will experience the magnificent icebergs in northern Greenland, beautiful fiords, local settlements and green hills of south Greenland.

Icefiord Cruise around Ilulissat

The Grand Tour - 12 days
From €3311

This Greenland journey is our most popular round trip through the years and with good reason - it simply has it all! You will experience some of Greenland’s most spectacular places and your days will be filled with ice fields, history, inland ice, boat trips among icebergs and marine wildlife!

Arctic Friend – Travel to Greenland

Welcome to Arctic Friend your travel specialist in Greenland. We are a passionate team with more than 20 years of experience in Greenland and the arctic! We are located in The Arctic House in Copenhagen which for more than 250 years has been the center for all traffic to Greenland and even to this day you feel the special arctic atmosphere in the old warehouse.


Explore Greenland with Arctic Friend

Denmark is the gateway to Greenland and why not start your arctic journey in Copenhagen? We offer start packages where you can join our historical arctic walk or you can kayak the canals of the city, before heading north.

We offer all kinds of trips to Greenland summer and winter. From dogsledge trips under the northern light, kayak trips, trekking, comfortable round trips from south to north till staying in huts overlooking calving glaciers. All our trips are made to give you true and authentic experiences and the felling of travelling with a friend, an Arctic Friend!

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8 Days - East Greenland and Iceland
Special price: €2390

This is a unique opportunity to explore both the original Greenland and Iceland in one trip! We have prepared some of the best highlights in a tour from both countries where you will experience traditional Greenland culture and spectacular nature. The tour includes flights, hotel and transfers including a stopover in the Blue Lagoon.

Eqi Glacier

7 Days Arctic Paradise - Summer
from €2455

We call this trip the Arctic Paradise because it holds experiences like dog sledding, sailing among icebergs and whales, watching the famous EQI glacier calving and hiking among the wilderness of the Greenland tundra. Everything has been arranged and selected to give you the best of the Arctic in seven days!